.Welcome to Day 186 of the revamped Art Infliction.

Today is a little heavier than yesterday for site news, so let's begin.

First up, Threading The Needle Thursday has updated, and last week's entry on that page has moved to Inflindication.

Bloopers has updated, along with its manually updating count.

And finally in late breaking news, the movies Delta Farce and The Last Airbender have been removed from the Batting A Thousand page, with the former of the two being re-watched, and submitted for a very methodical selection process to determine its eligibility for reinstatement into the aforementioned Batting A Thousand project. As for the latter of the two, it will be subject to a re-watch to determine whether it's eligible or not for the very same selection process.

Well, that's all for now.

Thank you and until next time, you have tuned into The Nog.